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Hunter's Hatchet by Hultafors

Hunter's Hatchet by Hultafors

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Inspired by the one that you may have found while surviving in The Long Dark we are proud to present the Hinterland-branded Hunter’s Hatchet.

A vital tool whether around the campsite, out on a nature hike or when forging for sustenance on Great Bear Island a quality hatchet is the perfect outdoor companion. You never know when you will need freshly chopped firewood or to clear some brush so it’s always best to be ready for whatever nature sends your way.

The head of the Hultån Hatchet is hand forged in Hults Bruk, Sweden, and made with Swedish steel, making the tool light while extremely durable. Laser-etched onto the hickory handle is the distinctive Hinterland logo, so this is the perfect tool to help survive the Quiet Apocalypse while showing your love of quality Canadian game development.

The Hinterland-branded Hunter’s Hatchet By Hultafors comes with a leather sheath.


Head Weight: 500g

Total Weight: 805g

Handle Length: 375 mm/16"

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