Warehouse Locations: We ship all of our merchandise from Vancouver Island in Canada.

Order Processing: We aim to process and ship orders weekly for items that we have in stock. We will provide delay estimates for items that are back ordered.  Because we are having our shirts screen printed by hand at Wachiay Studio (local social enterprise), shipping delays can occur. Please allow up to 24 hours for online updates. If a significant amount of time has passed and you have not received a tracking number yet, please contact us.

Shipping Cost: We generally set shipping costs based on weight, size and the shipping address. Residents in certain countries may also have tax and duty applied to their shipment per their country's import laws.

Packaging: We aim to minimize our packaging, while ensuring your merchandise arrives safe. Where possible, we will use recycled materials for shipping packages.

Multiple Shipments: You may have ordered items that could not be packaged together (i.e. Clothing and Art), and therefore had to be shipped separately. If all shipments have not arrived within the estimated delivery times, please contact us.

Customs, Tax, & Duty Fees: International orders may have customs, tax, & duty fees applied to them by the receiving country's customs agency. Your country may impose additional charges based on individual examination of the package by customs agents. Due to this unpredictable process, we are unable to prepay those customs duties as we are never notified in advance if the item sent will be levied with additional charges.